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Flue Liners & Bends

Flue Liners & Bends

Dineen Sales specialises in manufacturing high-quality Flue Liners and Flue Bends, available in sizes ranging from 6” to 12”. We offer both socketed and rebated finishes to suit diverse installation needs. All our products are manufactured in strict compliance with the European standard EN 1457, ensuring exceptional durability and performance. Whether for residential or commercial use, our flues and bends provide reliable solutions for efficient chimney and venting systems

Modular Chimney System

Dineen Sales Modular Chimney Blocks seamlessly combine traditional ceramic flue liners with lightweight modular blocks, crafted from expanded clay aggregate and cement. This innovative design incorporates Dineen Vermiculite as insulation between the flue and the block, creating a highly efficient and integrated unit. The result is a durable, lightweight chimney system that enhances thermal performance and ease of installation, making it an ideal choice for modern construction projects.

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