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Dineen Sales distribute high quality bricks to suit many applications. From high temperature insulating bricks for use in kilns and furnaces, to solid fire bricks in a variety of sizes.


Dineen Firebricks



Firebricks are specialized bricks designed to withstand high temperatures and are commonly used in applications requiring exceptional heat resistance. Composed of refractory ceramic materials, these bricks possess remarkable thermal properties, making them ideal for lining furnaces, fireplaces, kilns, and other structures exposed to intense heat. Their ability to endure extreme temperatures without cracking or crumbling allows them to maintain structural integrity, ensuring safety and longevity in high-temperature environments. With their insulating properties, firebricks effectively contain heat, enhancing energy efficiency while offering reliable protection against heat damage. Their versatility and durability make firebricks an indispensable component in industries and settings where heat management is paramount.

Our firebricks are available in may sizes

230 x 114 x 25mm

230 x 114 x50mm

230 x 114 x 75mm

210 x 100 x 70mm

230 x 50 x 50mm

230 x 114 x 75/65mm (arch)

Dineen Firebricks

High Temperature Insulating Bricks

230 x 114 x 64mm

High temperature insulating bricks are engineered to provide exceptional thermal insulation in environments where extreme heat is a concern. These specialized bricks are crafted from lightweight refractory materials, often containing alumina, silica, or other compounds with excellent insulating properties. Their porous structure and low thermal conductivity enable them to effectively minimize heat transfer, making them ideal for applications where heat retention or reduction of heat loss is critical.

These bricks find extensive use in industries such as metallurgy, glass manufacturing, and kiln construction, where maintaining consistent high temperatures while conserving energy is essential. Their ability to withstand intense heat while offering superior insulation makes them invaluable in creating energy-efficient and high-performance structures in demanding thermal environments.

High Temperature Insulating Bricks

Arched Fire Bricks

These arch fire bricks can be used to form the arch around the doorway of a pizza / bread oven or multiple sets can be used to form the whole of the roof section.

12 of these bricks will give an opening of radius 250mm (on the inside) – this is calculated without the mortar joints. You can use Dinset for tight joints or Vermiculite Cement for larger joints

Fire bricks are specially made high temperature bricks for use in domestic applications like fireplaces, circulators, stoves, barbecue grills, pizza ovens, furnaces and inserts.

Arched Firebricks
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