Our Products


Dineen Refractories distribute high quality bricks to suit many applications. From high temperature insulating bricks for use in kilns and furnaces, to solid engineering bricks.



Manufactured from some of the finest fireclays in the world, these firebricks are designed for moderate duty service. Ideal for use with Dinset cement.


Stock Bricks

Available in clay or concrete. Concrete bricks available in grey, red or buff colour. Ideal for general use and application.

Bricks manufactured in Ireland.

High Temperature Insulating Bricks

HTI bricks are produced by a slurry casting process using a high purity anorthite clay composititon. This makes them dimensionally stable and strong at high temperatures, with good thermal shock resistance and insulating properties.

They form a strong ceramic bond on firing and are very stable at temperatures up to 1200°C.

They offer many advantages including precision machining and the ability to produce both standard size straights, arches, wedges, keys and a variety of specially tailored shapes.

High Temperature Insulating Bricks