Dineen Sales


Dineen Sales have been manufacturing firebacks since the company was established in 1980. Since then, our range has broadened considerably and is constantly being updated. All our firebacks are manufactured refractory concrete or natural clay. The firebacks are available in many sizes and some offering different temperatures. The table below shows the different sizes and grades available.

Standard Firebacks

Our standard firebacks are manufactured out of refractory concrete and are available in two different temperature ratings 1430 and 1520 degrees These firebacks are available in a large selection of sizes starting from a 12” fireback all the way up to a square 27” fireback.

Clay Firebacks

The 16” fireback is the most popular size fireback we manufacture and for that reason as well as being manufactured from refractory concrete we also manufacture them in clay . These firebacks  are hand moulded, and kiln fired to 1000 degrees.  This is the highest spec fireback that we have available.  They are available in both 16” plain and 16” rollback.  

Rollback Firebacks

The Rollback is an old design with deep grooves on the back and sides of the fire area. The reason for these grooves is to delay the flames as they go up the chimney. Also, due to it’s bulk and density it radiates greater heat therefore contributing to the efficiency of the fire. These Rollback Firebacks are available in

  • 16″ Clay
  • 18″ Refractory Concrete

50/50 Firebacks

The 50/50 firebacks are also identical to the standard firebacks except the actual fireback is manufactured in two sections. When replacing firebacks, these are very easy to install and they also suit heat expansion a lot better than the standard fireback as the main heat in any fire is always in the lower area. It is vital when these are fitted that the two sections are not joined.
These 50/50 Firebacks are available in

  • 16″ Medium or High
  • 18″ Medium or High

Cutout Firebacks

The cutout firebacks are manufactured identical to the standard firebacks except for a hollow section which is removed from the fire area at the back. A steel or copper boiler is then inserted in this slot and is used for heating. These Cutout Firebacks are available in 16″ Medium or High and 18″ Medium or High

Flue Cheeks

Product Code
Ace Flue Cheeks A04
Bilberry Flue Cheeks High Grade BFCH
Old Type Bilberry High Grade BFC2H
Bell Flue Cheek BFC3
Large Bilberry Flue Cheeks BFC4
Baxi Flue Cheeks BFC5
Bilberry Back Brick BFC6
Bath Flue Cheeks BFC7
Cora Flue Cheeks CFC1
Dauntless Flue Cheeks DFC1
Epic Flue Cheeks EFC1
Parkray Flue Cheeks P06

Fuel Savers

DINEEN Coal Saver sides and backs are made from refractory fireclay. They are designed to reduce the amount of coal/fuel which is used in the fire. These Coal Savers have been fired to over 1050°C and will withstand any domestic fire and not disintegrate. They are ideal if you don’t need a large fire and they can be used continuously or on a temporary basis as they are just freestanding on the fire-grate.

Product Code
No.2/3 Side Fuel Savers FS03
No. 4 Side Fuel Savers FS04
No. 5 Side Fuel Savers FS05
No. 8 Side Fuel Savers FS08
No. 9 Side Fuel Savers FS09
No. 10 Side Fuel Savers FS1O
No. 11 Side Fuel Savers FS11
No. 12 Side Fuel Savers FS12
No. 14 Side Fuel Savers FS14

Off Standard Firebacks

Dineen Refractories also produce a range of off-standard firebacks to suit most applications

Product Code
16″ Heat Shields PO1
18″ Heat Shields P02
16″/18″ Baxi Fireback BFB1
20″/22″Baxi Fireback BFB2
16″ Sunken Fireback FBS16
18″‘ Sunken Fireback FBS18
16″ Med Fireback 24″ High FM16/24
16″ Med fireback 8″ Deep FM16/8
18″ Med Fireback 24″ High FM18/24