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Garden Bricks

Garden Bricks

Our company produces a diverse range of bricks suitable for various garden applications, including constructing walls, building BBQs, crafting pizza ovens, or creating captivating feature walls.

Slip Bricks

Our slip bricks, also known as cladding bricks or thin bricks, are a type of brick that are thinner than traditional bricks. They are used primarily for aesthetic purposes rather than structural support, serving as a decorative facade or veneer for buildings. Slip bricks offer the look and feel of traditional brickwork but are lighter and easier to install, making them a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. They come in various colours and  textures, we also have corner slips which are very useful for doing fireplaces and feature walls etc.

Stock Bricks

Our stock bricks are available in both concrete and clay

Concrete stock bricks, a fundamental component in modern construction, are moulded from concrete and possess a uniform size and shape, allowing for easy integration into various building projects. These bricks are manufactured through a process of pouring concrete into moulds and curing them to achieve durability and strength. Known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, concrete stock bricks offer consistent quality and structural stability. Their versatility makes them a popular choice in residential and commercial construction, providing a robust foundation for walls, partitions, and structural elements. While they might lack the unique character of handmade or bespoke bricks, concrete stock bricks excel in their efficiency, meeting the demands of contemporary construction with a reliable, standardized building material that ensures consistency and structural integrity in diverse architectural applications.

Stock bricks

Bespoke Bricks

Bespoke bricks represent a pinnacle of customization and craftsmanship in construction materials. These bricks are meticulously tailored to meet unique design specifications, reflecting individual preferences, architectural styles, and functional requirements. Crafted through precise manufacturing processes, bespoke bricks are created in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, offering unparalleled versatility in building design. Architects and builders collaborate closely with manufacturers to produce bricks that perfectly complement a project’s vision, whether it involves historical restoration, contemporary aesthetics, or innovative structural needs.

Bespoke Fire Bricks Ireland

Handmade Bricks

Handmade building bricks represent an artisanal approach to construction, embodying a tradition of craftsmanship that dates back centuries. Each brick carries a unique character, showcasing slight variations in size, texture, and colour, adding an authentic and timeless charm to the built environment. Handmade bricks not only offer a sense of heritage and craftsmanship but also contribute to sustainable building practices by using locally sourced materials and reducing carbon emissions associated with mass production.

Handmade Bricks


Firebricks are specialized bricks designed to withstand high temperatures and are commonly used in applications requiring exceptional heat resistance. Composed of refractory ceramic materials, these bricks possess remarkable thermal properties, making them ideal for lining furnaces, fireplaces, kilns, and other structures exposed to intense heat. Their ability to endure extreme temperatures without cracking or crumbling allows them to maintain structural integrity, ensuring safety and longevity in high-temperature environments. With their insulating properties, firebricks effectively contain heat, enhancing energy efficiency while offering reliable protection against heat damage. Their versatility and durability make firebricks an indispensable component in industries and settings where heat management is paramount.

Our firebricks are available in may sizes

230 x 114 x 25mm

230 x 114 x50mm

230 x 114 x 75mm

210 x 100 x 70mm

230 x 50 x 50mm

230 x 114 x 75/65mm (arch)

Dineen Firebricks