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We stock a wide range of cooker parts, stove bricks, flue cheeks and fuel savers for most stoves or cookers. To find out if we have the part that you need, select the type of product from the drop-down list and the the manufacturer.

Found 326 Results
Manufacturer Name Code Non Boiler
Centra Centra 16″ Bricks C24 N/A
Calypso Calypso LH C02 C03
Arrow Arrow Bricks A09 N/A
Rayburn Royale LH/47 R047L
Rayburn Royale LH/48 R048L
Rayburn Royale LH/49 R049L
Rayburn Royale LH/50 R050L
Rayburn Royale LH/51 R051L
Rayburn Royale LH/52 R052L
Rayburn Royale LH/53 R053L
Rayburn Royale LH/54 R054L
Rayburn Royale RH/149 R049R
Rayburn Royale RH/47 R047R
Rayburn Royale RH/48 R048R
Rayburn Royale RH/50 R050R
Rayburn Royale RH/51 R051R
Rayburn Royale RH/52 R052R
Rayburn Royale RH/53 R053R
Rayburn Royale RH/54 R054R
Search Lite Search Lite Bricks SL01
Elite Set of Oil Rings N/A
Shamrock Shamrock Room Heater S27
Rayburn Side Tank 182 RS182
Rayburn Side Tank 183 RS183
Rayburn Side Tank 184 RS184
Rayburn Side Tank 185 RS185
Rayburn Side Tank 186 RS186
Stanley Stanley (Black) No.9 N/A
Stanley Stanley (Cream) No. 8 S01
Stanley Stanley (Cream) No.9 S02
Stanley Stanley (White) No. 8 & 9 S03
Stanley Stanley (White) No. 8 & 9 High Grade S07
Stanley Stanley Cream Domestic Boiler B14
Stanley Stanley Cream Front Bar S12
Stanley Stanley Cream Front Bar Frame S15A
Stanley Stanley Cream L Boiler B15
Stanley Stanley Cream U Boiler B16
Stanley Stanley Door Baffle S23
Stanley Stanley Firebox Cup S20
Stanley Stanley Flue Damper S13
Stanley Stanley Grate Carrier S16
Centra 16″ Centra Bricks C24
Stanley Stanley Hotplate (No. 8) S18
Firefly 16″ Firefly Bricks F03
Stanley Stanley Lifter L01
Grant 16″ Grant Tip Bricks G03
Stanley Stanley Oven Cup S21
Stanley Stanley Oven Damper S14
Centra 18″ Centra Bricks C25
Stanley Stanley Spinner S10
Firefly 18″ Firefly Bricks F04
Stanley Stanley White Domestic Boiler B01
Grant 18″ Grant Tip Bricks G04
Stanley Stanley White Front Bar S11
Stanley Stanley White Front Bar Frame S15
Bilberry Bilberry Domestic Boiler B23
Stanley Stanley White L Boiler B02
Truburn C.I. 152 W152
Stanley Stanley White U Boiler B03
Wellstood C.I. 152 W152
Stanley Super ’80 Boiler B21
Truburn C.I. 153 W153
Stanley Super 80 Brick (SB980 MK 2) S25
Wellstood C.I. 153 W153
Stanley Super Stanley S37
Truburn C.I. 154 W154
Stanley Super Stanley (SB980) S24
Wellstood C.I. 154 W154
Stanley Super Stanley Boiler B20
Wellstood C.I. 155 W155
Stanley Super Stanley Flue Damper S31
Truburn C.I. 155 W155
Stanley Super Stanley Grate S17
Truburn C/B 105 W105
Stanley Super Stanley Oven Damper S32
Wellstood C/B 105 W105
Stanley Super Stanley Pads S28
Truburn C/B 106 W106
Stanley Super Star Bars S30
Wellstood C/B 106 W106
Stanley Super Star Frame S36
Truburn C/B 107 W107
Stanley Super Star Grate S29
Wellstood C/B 107 W107
Stanley Superette Boiler B19
Wellstood C/B 15A W15A
Superette Superette Bricks S26
Truburn C/B 15A W15A
Rayburn Supreme 16271 RS01
Truburn C/B 80 W80
Rayburn Supreme 16272 O.S RS02
Wellstood C/B 80 W80
Rayburn Supreme 16273 RS03
Truburn C/B 81 W81
Rayburn Supreme 16274 RS04
Wellstood C/B 81 W81
Rayburn Supreme 16275 RS05
Truburn C/B 83/1 W83/1
Tiroila Tirolia Boiler B41
Wellstood C/B 83/1 W83/1
Tirolia Tirolia Bricks T12
Truburn C/B 83/A W83
Tirolia Tirolia Door Baffle T17
Wellstood C/B 83/A W83
Tirolia Tirolia Grate T09
Truburn C/B 84 W84
Tirolia Tirolia Grate (Large) T27
Wellstood C/B 84 W84
Tirolia Tirolia KSL Grate T25
Truburn C/B 87 W87
Tiriola Tirolia Oil Baffle Brick T23
Wellstood C/B 87 W87
Torad Torad Bricks T19
Truburn C/B L4 TL4
Truburn Truburn Back Boiler L/H B13
Truburn C/B L6 TL6
Truburn Truburn Back Boiler R/H Back Pipes B12
Truburn C/B L7 TL7
Truburn Truburn Back Boiler R/H Side Pipes B12S
Truburn C/B L8 TL8
Truburn Truburn Boiler Brick TCBB
Truburn C/B L9 TL9
Truburn Truburn Circular Grate LH T04
Truburn C/B LH TLH
Truburn Truburn Circular Grate RH T03
Truburn C/B R1 TR1
Truburn Truburn Door Baffle T11
Truburn C/B R2 TR2
Truburn Truburn Front Bar Frame 59 T59
Truburn C/B R3 TR3
Truburn Truburn Front Bar T13 T13
Truburn C/B R4 TR4
Truburn Truburn Grate Carrier T10
Truburn C/B R5 TR5
Truburn Truburn Spinner S10
Truburn C/B RH TRH
Truburn Truburn Square Grate LH T02
Calypso Calypso Boiler Brick C04
Truburn Truburn Square Grate RH T01
Calypso Calypso Grate C13
Wamsler Wamsler Grate Carrier W11
Calypso Calypso LH C02
Wamsler Wamsler K72 Wide Grate W72
Calypso Calypso New Type C16
Wamsler Wamsler K92 Narrow Grate W92
Other Calypso RH C01
Wamsler Wamsler K97 Grate W97
Wellstood Cast Iron Brick 83/A W83A
Wamsler Wamsler KH25 Grate W06
Clayton Clayton Boiler Brick C09
Waterford Waterford 100B W12
Clayton Clayton Boiler Brick 202 C08
Waterford Waterford Woodburner WF01
Clayton Clayton Grate C21
Wellstood Wellstood C/B Boiler Brick WBB
Clayton Clayton Spider Grate Carrier C22
Wellstood Wellstood Cast Iron Boiler W02
Clayton Clayton Type 0101 C06
Wellstood Wellstood Copper Boiler W01
Cleopatra Cleopatra Brick C10
Wellstood Wellstood Domestic Boiler B10
Cleopatra Cleopatra Wraparound Boiler B24
Wellstood Wellstood Esse Emerald W04
Clyde Clyde Back Brick C19
Wellstood Wellstood Grate W05
Clyde Clyde Front Brick C05
Wellstood Wellstood L Boiler B11
Conquest Conquest Front Bar C15
Wellstood Wellstood Side Tank W03
Conquest Conquest Grate C23
Wellstood Wellstood U Boiler B25
Conquest Conquest Large C12
Stanley White No. 980 S980
Conquest Conquest Small C11
Stanley White No.972 S972
Conserva Conserva Set CON
Stanley White Stanley Boiler Brick SBB
Corrib Corrib Bricks C14
Costa Costa Tressor C18
Stanley Cream 8/8 S8
Stanley Cream 8/81 S81
Stanley Cream 8/82 S82
Stanley Cream 8/83 S83
Stanley Cream 8/84 S84
Stanley Cream 8/85 S85
Stanley Cream 8/86 S86
Stanley Cream 9/91 S91
Stanley Cream 9/92 S92
Stanley Cream 9/93 S93
Stanley Cream 9/94 S94
Stanley Cream 9/95 S95
Stanley Cream Stanley Boiler Brick S90
De Deitrich De Deitrich Door Baffle D10
De Deitrich De Deitrich Frame D24
De Deitrich De Deitrich Front Grate D18
De Deitrich De Deitrich Grate D08
De Deitrich De Deitrich Grate Carrier D19
De Deitrich De Deitrich Magna Grate D20
De Deitrich De Deitrich Magna Grate Carrier D26
De Deitrich De Deitrich Protection Plate D25
De Deitrich De Deitrich Riddling Tool D21
De Deitrich De Dietrich D09
De Deitrich De Dietrich U Boiler B22
Deville Deville Grate D12
Deville Deville Side Plate D13
Wellstood Door Baffle 43/A W43A
Doric Doric Back Boiler B28
Doric Doric Door Baffle D11
Doric Doric Grates D06
Doric Doric LH D02
Doric Doric N.B. Brick D07
Doric Doric RH D01
Elite Elite E01
Elite Elite Boiler B30
Elite Elite Spinner E03
Epic Epic Domestic Boiler B18
Franco Franco Belge Bricks F01
Franco Franco Belge Half Circle F02
Wellstood Front Brick Holder 14/A W14A
Galewood Galewood Brick GB
Goddin Goddin Grate G10
Goddin Goddin Grate Wide G11
Goddin Goddin Side Plate G09
Parkray Grate Carrier Parkray St. P13
Hamco Hamco 1500 Grate H17
Hamco Hamco 2000 Grate H04
Hamco Hamco Insulation Brick H03
Hamco Hamco Oil H01
Hamco Hamco Protection Plate H14
Hamco Hamco Side Plate H06
Hamco Hamco Solid Fuel H02
Hamco Hamco Special Small Brick H05
Jubilee Jubilee Boiler Brick J01
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek (Deluxe) JCF40LF J09
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek (Deluxe) JCF41LF J08
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek JC40L J07
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek JC40R J05
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek JC41L J06
Jubilee Jubilee Cheek JC41R J04
Jubilee Jubilee Domestic Boiler B17
Jubilee Jubilee Door- Baffle JC38 J12
Jubilee Jubilee Fixing Plate JC39L J10
Jubilee Jubilee Front Bar JC43 J03
Jubilee Jubilee Grate Carrier J14
Jubilee Jubilee Grate JC23 J02
Jubilee Jubilee Lifter L03
Jubilee Jubilee Oil Rings N/A
Kestral Kestral Back Brick K02
Kestral Kestral Front Brick K0l
Merose Melrose Bricks M04
Rayburn MF Bottom Brick RM03
Rayburn MF Brick RM01
Rayburn MF Front Brick RM02
Other Modern Mistress Bricks M03
Rayburn No. 1/46 R46
Rayburn No. 1/47 R47
Rayburn No. 1/48 R48
Rayburn No. 1/49 R49
Rayburn No. 1/50 R50
Rayburn No. 1/51 R51
Rayburn No. 1/52 R52
Rayburn No. 1/53 R53
Rayburn No. 1/54 R54
Rayburn No.2/47/3A R247
Rayburn No.2/48/4A R248
Rayburn No.2/49/9 R249
Rayburn No.2/50/5A R250
Rayburn No.2/51/2A R251
Rayburn No.2/52/7A R252
Rayburn No.2/53/6A R253
Rayburn No.2/54/8 R254
Nu-Fire Nu – Fire N01
Parkray Parkray Bars Heavy P12
Parkray Parkray Bars Light P07
Parkray Parkray Bricks P10
Potterton Potterton Back Brick P03
Potterton Potterton Front Brick P04
Queen Queen Room Heater Q01
Rayburn Rayburn Ashpan RA
Rayburn Rayburn Door Baffle (1 Hole) R17
Rayburn Rayburn Door Baffle (2 Holes) R18
Rayburn Rayburn M.F Bottom Bars. R21
Rayburn Rayburn M.F. R22
Rayburn Rayburn M.F. Top Bars R20
Rayburn Rayburn MF Left Side Bar R24
Rayburn Rayburn MF Right Side Bar R25
Rayburn Rayburn No 1 R01
Rayburn Rayburn No. 1 Grate Carrier R12
Rayburn Rayburn No. 1 High Grade R08
Rayburn Rayburn no. 1/69 Boiler Brick R69
Rayburn Rayburn No. 2 & 3 R02
Rayburn Rayburn No. 2 & 3 High Grade R09
Rayburn Rayburn No. 2 Grate Carrier R13
Rayburn Rayburn No.1 Domestic Boiler B04
Rayburn Rayburn No.1 L Boiler B05
Rayburn Rayburn No.1 U Boiler B06
Rayburn Rayburn No.2/65 Boiler Brick R265
Rayburn Rayburn Nos. 2 & 3 Domestic Boiler B07
Rayburn Rayburn Nos. 2 & 3 L Boiler B08
Rayburn Rayburn Nos. 2 & 3 U Boiler B09
Rayburn Rayburn NT Spacer Bar R23
Rayburn Rayburn R11 Grate R29
Rayburn Rayburn Rectangular Grate R19 R19
Rayburn Rayburn Regent LH High Grade RR2
Rayburn Rayburn Regent RH High Grade RR1
Rayburn Rayburn Room Heater Bar 8682 (Light) RRH2
Rayburn Rayburn Room Heater Bar 8683 (Heavy) RRH3
Rayburn Rayburn Room Heater Front Bars R33
Rayburn Rayburn Room Heater High Grade RRH
Rayburn Rayburn Room Heater Protect. Plate R34
Rayburn Rayburn Royale Boiler Brick R065
Rayburn Rayburn Royale Grate Carrier (145B1) R15
Rayburn Rayburn Royale LH R04
Rayburn Rayburn Royale LH High Grade RH04
Rayburn Rayburn Royale Protect. Plate (162B1) R16
Rayburn Rayburn Royale RH R03
Rayburn Rayburn Royale RH High Grade RH03
Rayburn Rayburn Royale Spinner R14
Rayburn Rayburn Side Tank N/A
Rayburn Rayburn Side Tank Boiler Brick RSBB
Rayburn Rayburn Spinner R11
Rayburn Rayburn Supreme R10
Rayburn Rayburn Supreme Back Spacer Bar R27
Rayburn Rayburn Supreme Boiler B38
Rayburn Rayburn Supreme Front Rocker Bar R28
Rayburn Rayburn W Front Rocker Bar R26

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