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DINSET Cement ensures full gastight joints….protects the firebrick lining against destructive spalling and shrinkage….reduces joint erosion due to chemical attack of slags or dust laden fumes….prevents penetration of joints by molten metal or fluid slag.

Dinset heat resistant cement

DINSET forms a strong bond at all temperatures – a bond stronger than the brick itself: it seals the pores of brickwork. Firebrick linings last longer when protected with DINSET.

Special Characteristics

  • Air setting
  • Thinner and stronger brick joints
  • Higher refractoriness: DINSET can be used at any temperature where fire-clay or high alumina brick are specified
  • No shrinkage even at maximum service temperature
  • Smooth workable consistency


DINSET gives outstanding service in all types of boilers, ceramic kilns, rotary kilns, ladies, flues and stacks and industrial furnaces. Its use is universal – recommended for laying high duty or super duty fire clay-brick, high alumina brick or insulating firebrick. DINSET welds the brick into a one?piece unit at temperatures too high for less refactory cements – or at temperatures too low for heat-setting cements to form a good ceramic bond

Please note Dinset 17 is only available to special order in quantities of 40 or more.

Technical Data – Typical
  Dinset 14 Dinset 17
Maximum Recommended Service Temperature 1400°C 1700°C
Quantity required to lay 1000 9″ x 4.5 x 3″ bricks 230kg approx 230kg approx
Area covered by 50 kgs at thickness of 1.5 mm 150 ft² 150 ft²

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