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Vermiculite Board

Heat Resistant Fireproof Board

DINBOARD is a non-combustible, fire resistant vermiculite board which can be easily cut to shape using standard  woodworking tools. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and minimal shrinkage at high temperatures.

DINBOARD Fire Resistant Boards are the ideal product to use in the construction of wood burning stoves among other applications; providing fire protection exactly where it’s needed. Other patterns are also available in standard sizes on request.


  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Non Irritant
  • High Thermal Insulation
  • Minimal Shrinkage
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance


  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Make your own firebrick specials
  • Heat shields
  • Fire Chamber Construction
Product DC600
Classification Temperature °C 1100
Bulk Density Kg/m3 600700
Cold Compression Strength N/mm2 4.5
Cold Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 2.5
Thermal Conductivity 200°C W/mK 0.211
400°C W/mK 0.224
680°C W/mK 0.254
200°C W/mK 0.296
1000°C W/mK .0303
Fire Class (DIN 4102)/EN 135011   A1
Shrinkage (1100°C/12hr) %
Thermal Expansion (20 700°C) %
Specific Heat Capacity kJ/kg K 1.15
Colour   Beige / Yellow
Board Size mm
800 X 600
Board Thickness mm
25mm & 30mm

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