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Garden Vermiculite

Garden Vermiculite

In gardening, vermiculite is commonly used as a soil amendment to improve aeration, water retention, and nutrient distribution in various growing mediums.


Garden Vermiculite

Its lightweight nature helps prevent soil compaction, allowing roots to penetrate more easily and facilitating better plant growth. Additionally, vermiculite’s ability to retain moisture makes it particularly useful in drought-prone areas or for plants that require consistent moisture levels.

Gardeners often incorporate vermiculite into potting mixes, seed starting mixes, and soilless growing mediums to improve overall soil structure and promote healthy plant growth. Its neutral pH and sterile nature make it suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and houseplants. Vermiculite is also utilized in hydroponic systems to provide support for plants and regulate moisture levels within the growing environment. Its versatility and beneficial properties have made vermiculite a staple in gardening practices worldwide.

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