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Dincast Castable

High temperature castable with a low iron content allowing good slag and thermalshock resistance.
Typical applications: Reheat furnace walls and roofs, burner blocks, furnace doors, kiln car tops and general maintenance use.

Description: Castable supplied in 25kg bags

Maximum Service Temperature: 1400°C

Dincast Fire Proof Cement

Maximum Grain Size:5mm

Chemical Analysis:
AI2O3 – 42.3%
Si02 -53.6%
Fe2O3 – 1.8%
CaO – 2.9%

Physical Properties:
Dry Bulk Density (kg/M³) – 2250
Cold Crushing Strength (MN/M²) – 45

Dry Bulk Density (kg/m³) – 2240
Cold Crushing Strength (MN/M²) – 72
Permanent Linear Change (%) – 0.4
Quantity Required to Install (Tonnes/M³) – 2.23
Mixing Water – 3.5-5 litres per 25 kg bag

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