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Ciment Fondu

Ciment Fondu

Cement Fondu is a hydraulic binder based on calcium aluminates, rather than calcium silicates which are the basis of Portland cement. This difference gives Cement Fondu properties particularly suited to formulators of products such as self-levelling or self-smoothing compounds, rapid hardening screeds, tile adhesives, rapid setting and special duty mortars.


Ciment Fondu

When to use Fondu
Fondu is specially formulated to provide high early strengths and exceptional corrosion resistance. It is also ideal for cold weather concreting. These properties make Fondu the best choice for many types of task such as:

  • Urgent or emergency works
  • Concretes which must take heavy loads soon after placing
  • Pavings, industrial floors, roads and runways requiring rapid return to service
  • Concreting underground
  • Underpinning, land reclamation, canals, pipes, etc.
  • For situations where chemicals would rapidly attack ordinary cements(pH 4-5)
  • Concreting in temperatures down to 100° C

The setting time for Fondu is similar to that of ordinary cements. However, once the set has occurred, mortars and concretes harden with exceptional rapidity. In six hours a Fondu concrete can reach a compressive strength of 40-50 N/MM².

Mix Design
Water Content: Gauge the mix with the minimum amount of water compatible with reasonable workability. Ideally the total water/cement ratio should be less than 20 litres of water, including that in the aggregates, per 5 0 kilograms of Cement Fondu.
Aggregates: Add aggregates in the usual way?but material finer than 0.20mm and those aggregates containing releasable alkalis (schist, mica etc) must not be included.
Cement Content: A typical mix contains 450 Kg/m³

Mixing the cement, water and aggregates is carried out using normal concreting techniques machine mixing using pan or drum mixers, or hand mixing using a shovel with a clean surface. All equipment and materials should be washed free from contamination of Portland cement and lime before use. The longer and stronger the mixing, the more rapid the set.

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